Zero-Carbon heat
available 24/7

Decarbonisation and reliable heat supply with thermal energy storage.

PV panels in front of wind turbines

Our current project in Schleswig-Holstein

Our innovative storage technology makes renewable energy available 24/7. In northern Germany, we are building a 20 MWh thermal energy storage system to decarbonise vegetable processing.

More details

Illustration of the TES high-temperature storage system in frontal view

High-temperature energy storage system (TES)

Our power-to-heat system, stores renewable, fluctuating wind and solar PV power as heat, which can then be supplied flexibly and reliably as industrial process heat or district heating. We make zero-carbon heat available, regardless of the time of day or season– not only in the industrial and district heating sectors, but also for grid stabilisation.

Aerial view of an industrial park with a wind farm in the background

Climate neutrality for industry and buildings

As our storage system can be individually adapted to different applications and demand scenarios, it is relevant for various sectors – for example, for industrial applications requiring stable process heat or process steam as well as cooling, or for efficient district heat generation for heating and hot water.

One solution for four challenges.

Need to Decarbonise

Decarbonisation of Heat

LUMENION provides decarbonised heat. The solution increases the overall share of renewables in the custumer’s energy mix. That leads to a direct decrease in CO2-emissions.

Intermittency of Renewables

Green Energy 24/7

LUMENION stores price-oriented excess energy during peak hours. Green energy is made available 24/7, providing reliable heat and electricity.

Energy Price Volatility

Securing Price Stability

The LUMENION system solution in combination with renewables locks the energy price for customers. There is no more need to pay market prices for energy. This allows more precise budgeting.

Rising Energy Prices

Enabling Price Reduction

LUMENION enables a significant price reduction for clients. The potential saving can be outlined with an indicative model example upon request.

converting renewable electricity into green heat

Our power-to-heat technology, with its own storage system, converts electricity from volatile renewable sources into predictable process and district heat that is available 24/7.

Advantages at a glance

  • Proven and reliable: A new technological solution based exclusively on industry-proven components.
  • Value creation: Local sourcing and on-site assembly with minimised transport costs around the globe.
  • Modular design: Scalable from 2 to 1,000 MWh and can be adapted to your individual needs.
  • Cost-effective: LCOS (Levelised Cost of Storage) is low and can be less than 2 cents/kWh.
  • Heat available 24/7: Security of supply with simultaneous charging and discharging of the storage facility.
  • Short lead time: Rapid provision of cost-efficient and resilient process heat.
  • Environmentally friendly and permit-free: Contains no hazardous or flammable materials.
  • Self-sufficient: Independence from rising energy costs or unpredictable energy markets.

A technology that makes you fit for the future

Up to 100 %

decarbonisation of your processes

120 – 450° C

thermal energy available on demand


dispatchable renewable energy

Approx. 95 %

efficiency through sector coupling

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