Decarbonisation of vegetable processing

Construction progress of the LUMENION high-temperature storage

LUMENION is building a 20 MWh Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system in Friedrichsgabekoog in Schleswig Holstein at the production site of Germany’s largest organic frozen vegetable producer BIO-Frost Westhof GmbH – the first of its kind in the world. LUMENION’s high-temperature storage solution will ensure a stable supply of green process steam and decarbonise the peeling, blanching and autoclaving processes on site.

Construction work to date:

  • Installation of the floor insulation
  • Assembly of the storage core
  • Installation of the steam generator
  • Installation of the heating elements
  • Installation of the air fans
  • Installation of the TES insulation
  • Installation of the piping
  • Installation of the electronic control unit

The complete transformation to renewable energy sources, in which the LUMENION TES is an integral part, will result in the decarbonisation of the frozen vegetable production.

  • Storage Capacity: 20 MWh
  • Electrical charging power: 5 MW
  • Saturated steam output (steam generator): max. 4 t/h
  • Saturated steam pressure level (steam generator): 17 bar(g)

The electricity used to charge the storage system is generated from green energy and can be stored in the TES with minimal losses. The storage unit will deliver up to 4 tonnes of steam per hour , which will then be used to process the vegetables on site.

The integration of the LUMENION TES will enable BIO-Frost Westhof GmbH to save 1,670 tonnes of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the carbon dioxide emissions of around 410 German households.

“For several years now, we have been continuously working to optimise and constantly improve our energy and nutrient cycle. One of our goals is to ensure a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply for our production facility. The thermal energy storage is intended to close the gap between intermittent renewable energy generation and a constant heat requirement. We chose the LUMENION technology because it is the most suitable solution for both our production processes and our goals. We look forward to working with LUMENION and peeling the first vegetables using our high-temperature storage system.”

Rainer Carstens, Managing Director BIO-Frost Westhof GmbH