Erdgasbefeuertes Kraftwerk im Vordergrund, Windpark im Hintergrund


Top view of a wind turbine

Renewables available on demand

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges businesses are facing.

Yet, the move away from fossil fuels to counter anthropogenic climate change is non-negotiable. A centralised energy system based on fossil fuels leads to major dependencies, which can have a negative impact on security of supply and cause unpredictable price spikes. Our storage solution enables the effective use of renewable energy sources for both heating and cooling. It decouples generation from demand thereby making renewable power from wind and solar PV available whenever needed.

Solar farm and wind turbines in urban peripheries

We make the heat transition a reality

For our customers, the necessary transformation towards climate neutrality becomes an opportunity.

We offer a significant increase in efficiency and lower costs for industrial processes. Our mission is to play a key role in advancing the energy transition in the heating (and cooling) sector thanks to our thermal energy storage system. This is important as up to two-thirds of industrial energy use is for heat, mainly process heat. With our high-temperature storage system, we enable the use of renewable energy in the heating market, thus facilitating the transition to a net-zero economy. Our storage solution is available for industrial applications and district heating.