Hochtemperaturspeicher in einer Heizzentrale eines großen Wohnblocks in Berlin

Our thermal energy

Making renewable energy reliable

TES is a high-temperature energy storage system that stores fluctuating wind and solar PV power as thermal energy with virtually loss-free conversion. This thermal energy can be released and used at a later time as process heat or for district heating.

Power-to-heat for the energy transition in the heating (and cooling) sector

TES is a power-to-heat technology based on the idea of sector coupling. Wind and solar PV power are initially available as electricity. TES converts cheap electricity generated during peak output periods into a reliable and steady supply of thermal energy – a win-win situation for an economically viable transition in the heating (and cooling) sector.

By coupling the electricity and heat sectors, our thermal energy storage achieves up to 95% efficiency.

Illustration of the TESCORE thermal energy storage system

Simultaneous charging and discharging ensures maximum availability and optimises resource usage

Flexible charging

Charging of the TESCORE system

TES can be charged in four to six hours (spread over a day or continuously) – for example, during off-peak periods when the grid is not heavily used and electricity prices drop. A resistance heater converts the electricity into heat which is transferred by a gas circuit into the core of the storage unit. The core is made of steel elements that can be heated to as much as 650°C and store this heat with up to 95% efficiency.

On-demand discharging

Discharging of the TESCORE system

Thermal energy can be discharged whenever it is required. The same gas circuit transfers the stored heat to a heat exchanger which supplies process heat or process steam between 120°C and 450°C for any application. The process is similar for cooling applications. The process is similar for cooling applications.

Steel storage core

The modules at the core of the system are made of structural steel which has numerous benefits:

  • It can be fully recycled and has high residual value.
  • Its high energy density means it can store a lot of energy in a small space.
  • It is robust, giving TES a service life of more than 20 years.
  • Structural steel is industry-proven, guaranteeing risk-free and permit-free operation.
  • Its availability in most parts of the world enables regional value creation and makes long transportation routes unnecessary.
Structural steel round bars

A modular system for individual requirements

Thanks to its modular concept TES is individually scalable. Factors to take into account during the design process include existing energy consumption, the required temperature level, and the possibilities for sourcing renewable power locally or on-site.

Illustration of the modular design of the TESCORE thermal energy storage system

Horizontal and vertical

Our thermal energy storage system is adapted to the customer’s specific project requirements. For this purpose, a modular design was developed that is built up in 6 MWh/20 foot steps and can be expanded at any time.

The illustration shows 3 modules of 6 MWh each.

Aerial view of an industrial plant with a logistic center

Integration into existing facilities

The storage can be integrated into existing plants to replace fossil fuels. Existing heating or cooling systems can be retained to cover peak demand and serve as a backup system.

Solarpark mit Windrädern im Hintergrund

Our TES can cut energy costs and shield the customer from rising energy and carbon prices. This brownfield compatibility also keeps the costs of switching low.