Everybody talks about renewable energy, but no one talks about renewable heat. Lumenion wants to change that! We want to reduce emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen monoxide in our atmosphere by turning renewable electricity into storable heat. We believe that the current public debate about climate change—and the corresponding investments in the energy market—focuses too much on electricity, while there is an even bigger demand for the industrial use of heat, not only in Germany, but internationally.

The challenge with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is that their availability fluctuates heavily. This has the effect at times of producing more electricity than needed, making it necessary to switch off the "surplus.“ The great advantage of our thermal storage solution is that it makes this excess electricity available to the heating market, and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in this sector.

With our high-temperature thermal battery units—and optional steam turbine—we optimize the energy system for producers and consumers alike. Power plants, for example, can store their overcapacity at peak times and supply it to the grid later, when it’s more profitable to them. Consumers, on the other hand, can purchase energy with our storage technology when it’s abundant and cheap.