Our Customers

Does your company have a high level of heat consumption from fossil fuels?

Make your contribution to the worldwide transition to renewables, or what we in Germany call the "Energiewende." With the help of our Menion, you will become less dependent on the risks of the world market, including rising fossil fuel costs. With high-temperature storage, you can cut the cost of electricity and buy when demand and prices are low.

Are you a district heating operator or planner?

Then you can use power from the grid at overcapacity and feed it as heat into your district heating network, helping to manage the fluctuating supply of renewable resources. And if you are operating a combined heat and power station: our Menion can help you make your system more efficient.

Do you produce energy from renewable sources on an industrial scale or are you planning a wind or solar farm?

Our Menion helps to reduce or optimize your grid connection costs for new plants and enables you to supply heating to nearby industries and municipalities. If you are already operating an existing wind or solar farm, simply maximize the value of your energy by storing at peak times and supplying to the grid at off-peak times, when the sun is not shining or your turbines are standing still.

Do you build facilities for companies with a high demand for heat, such as food processing or chemical plants?

More and more companies are turning to renewable energy. With the Menion as part of your portfolio, you can offer your customers an efficient and reliable alternative to fossil fuels.



    • With Vattenfall Energy Solutions and Gewobag, a housing society, we are piloting a steel-based district storage system in the disused heating station of a large apartment block in Berlin. The sector-coupling steel storage system will absorb regional generation peaks from wind and solar energy and later provide renewable energy as heat and electricity. This project aims to show how well our steel-storage technology is suited to effectively store large amounts of wind and solar energy.
    • With this pilot project we want to demonstrate in a very practical way the special technical and economic suitability of thermal storage systems for the effective use of large amounts of wind and solar energy.
    • Storage capacity: 2.4 MWh
    • Implementation period: April 2018 to October 2020
    • This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].


  • Since 2018 we have been testing our steel storage systems under real conditions in the grid simulation laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW). In particular, we are testing the fast charging of the steel storage with high power current – as it would occur at times of high solar and wind power peaks.
  • Storage capacity: 450 kWh
  • Implementation period: April 2018 to October 2020
  • This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].



  • Example: Processing plant for organic frozen vegetables with a production capacity of 10 tons per hour.
  • The plant is operated in a highly efficiently and CO2-neutral way.
  • Wind turbines within close geographical reach can be connected directly to the storage system.
  • Our solution: 50 MWh Lumenion-high temperature storage system + steam turbine + electrolizer.


  • Example: Refinery in Northern Germany with wind turbines in close proximity
  • 5 GWh Lumenion-high temperature storage system
  • 100 MW discharging power (thermal)
  • Charging power of 500 MW

Key Reasons for Lumenion

– Low LCOS < 4 ct/kWh

– up to 95% efficiency

– High resale value and system life time > 40 years

– Material value of steel reduces invest risk

– High energy density reduces geographical footprint

– High scalability due to existing supply chains (steel industry) and key components (steam turbine)

– Experienced team