LUMENION is a young Berlin-based company and an active contributor to the energy transition. Our patented storage technology stores CO2-free generated electricity in the form of thermal energy and makes it available to industry and utilities as climate-neutral process heat.


LUMENION GmbH is a subsidiary of the econnext group. The German-Dutch management holding company sees itself as a founder, promoter and pioneer of sustainable and efficient companies that develop and implement solutions for current social and environmental challenges. In this context, econnext GmbH & Co.KgaA acts as a start-up initiator, advisor and idea provider and cooperates in partnership with young companies active in these fields, particularly in the role of principal shareholder.

econnext is also the parent company of autarq GmbH in Prenzlau (solar roof tiles), ESG Screen17 GmbH in Frankfurt (sustainability screening), GRIPS Energy GmbH in Berlin (renewable energy supply) and Circular Carbon GmbH in W├╝rzburg (soil improvement using plant carbon as a CO2 sink). In addition, econnext holds a qualified minority interest in FLAXTEC GmbH in Dresden, which is the sole shareholder of FLAXRES GmbH (recycling of solar modules).